Ten things you’ll only know if you are from Preston

Preston Poly
Preston Poly
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Ten reasons you know you are from Preston... there are many more, let us know!

1. You know who and what the potato man is..

Tokyo Jo's

Tokyo Jo's

2. You know who Tom Benson is and why he has a Way named after him..

3. You consider Tom Finney a member of your family..

4. You remember stories of the Turkish baths and know where they were..

5. You know not to have more than two (halves) of Old Tom in the Black Horse.

Tom Finney

Tom Finney

6. You know which venues the Beatles played..

7. You know which abandoned railway tunnel is haunted by the Grey Lady..

8. You remember when UCLAN was Preston Poly, in fact you went there..

9. You love parched peas and know which night of the year you traditionally eat them..

10. You met your husband/wife/partner at Squires, Tokyo Jo’s or the Warehouse..

In case you didn’t know...

1. The potato man sells his famous hot salted and baked potatoes from a wheeled unit on the Flag Market.

2. The late Tom Benson was Preston’s world champion marathon walking “King of the road” who held at least six world endurance titles in the 1970s and 80s.

3. No explanation required, surely..

4. The Turkish baths were in Preston’s historic Miller Arcade. The old entrance is still there but now glazed over.

5. Tipple served up in the Black Horse.

6. The Beatles played the old Public Hall - the Corn Exchange which now the Assembly pub - building on two occasions.

7. The Grey lady is supposed to haunt the Miley Railway Tunnel, which linked the Longridge line to the main Preston line. It was abandoned in the 1980s.

8. The poly was actually originally founded as the Harris Art College in 1828 before achieving polytechnic status. It Preston Polytechnic, then Lancashire Polytechnic, then became the current university in 1992.

9. Black peas or parched peas are a traditional lancashire dish served with lashing of malt vinegar - best enjoyed on Bonfire Night.

10. Squires, Tokyo Jo’s and the Warehouse were all iconic Preston nightspot.