Ted Robbins: ‘I’m lucky to be alive’

Ted Robbins
Ted Robbins
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Comedian Ted Robbins has spoken out about his near-death experience when he collapsed on stage during a performance of Phoenix Nights Live. The former Evening Post columnist said he is “so lucky to be alive” after having a heart attack.

He told BBC Radio Lancshire: “I did a couple of gags and then I remember a very peaceful calm feeling and thinking ‘I’ll just have a little sit down for a minute’. But apparently I didn’t.

“My daughter says I said something quite rude and did my Tommy Cooper impressions – God rest him. Except I was lucky enough to survive thanks to some wonderful people. I’m so lucky to be alive.”

He said: “It’s not a weight loss programme I’d recommend but I’ve lost a couple of stones in weight. I do intend to help the Heart Foundation. I’ve been encouraged to get walking again.”

Former panto star Ted will be back on his Radio Lancashire show next Sunday.