‘Tasteful’ sex shop sign is rejected by council bosses

Proposed sign change design
Proposed sign change design
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A city sex shop that had applied for a new sign has had its request rejected by council bosses.

The Private Shop in Lancaster Road had asked to replace the current “anonymous” frontage, but the proposed sign was deemed inappropriate by councillors.

The area manager today said he was “mystified” by the decision, arguing the requested sign was “quite tasteful”.

Shaun McFaul said: “We had applied to improve the outlook of the shop and the shop’s appearance to make it more attractive to people walking past and to customers.

“Instead of the anonymous front we’ve got at the moment, we wanted it to be more eye catching.”

Mr McFaul said he was “quite disappointed” and “mystified” by the decision.

He said: “In my opinion it’s quite tasteful and better than the anonymous front we’ve got at the moment, and I would be interested to see what other people think.

“I would have hoped the new sign would have brought a few extra customers through the door. We are hoping to make it more friendly towards women and couples rather than just men, and that’s what the sign was intended to do - that’s why it had the picture as well as the words.”

The request was considered by Preston Council’s taxi and miscellaneous sub-committee at their Town Hall meeting.

Vice chairman, Coun Carl Crompton, said: “If it hadn’t had the couple on it would have gone through. But with the couple in, some of the members thought it could possibly lead to younger children asking questions that the adults might not want to answer. It was just inappropriate for something that’s opposite the Town Hall and one of the main thoroughfares through the city.”