Talented student found dead in mental health unit

Treatment: Ridge Lea Hospital
Treatment: Ridge Lea Hospital
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A teenager found dead in a mental health unit ‘believed she was in the Matrix’ an inquest has heard.

Christa Goredema, 19, ws found at Ridge Lea hospital and was pronounced dead at the Lancaster Royal Infirmary on June 27, 2013.

She said I’m in some kind of fake world like the Matrix and I need to kill myself to make myself wake up.

Honor Rhodes

The talented netballer was in the first year of studying BSc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Cumbria’s Lancaster campus.

Christa – who lived in Wolverhampton with her mother Jane Mukototsi – was detained under the Mental Health Act at the time of her death.

Coroner Dr James Adeley is in charge of the inquest and a jury was sworn in on Tuesday at Preston Coroner’s Court.

Honor Rhodes, Head of Learning Services at the University of Cumbria, revealed that Christa started receiving counselling at the University in September.

The inquest heard that the teenager’s mental health deteriorated after the Easter Break and that Christa felt like she was not in the real world but in a fake one – described as being like the dream world depicted in the 1999 science fiction film the Matrix – and that she had tried to take her own life to wake herself up prior to her eventual death.

A note saying ‘call an ambulance’ was discovered at her university halls and she also attempted to take her own life by taking an overdose. In April she was admitted to an inpatient mental health unit at Burnley General Hospital.

Ms Rhodes said: “On April 14 she said she could not connect with anyone.

“She said I’m in some kind of fake world like the Matrix and I need to kill myself to make myself wake up.”

Christa was transferred from Burley to Ridge Lea in Lancaster in May. The inquest is due to close on Tuesday.