TAILBACKS: Taxi drivers slam Lancaster’s traffic lights

PERSISTENT TAILBACKS: Traffic on Skerton bridge in Lancaster
PERSISTENT TAILBACKS: Traffic on Skerton bridge in Lancaster
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Taxi drivers have slammed the management of Lancaster’s traffic lights, saying the city’s one way system is suffering from tailbacks.

Andy Kay, chairman of the Lancaster City Hackney Proprietors Association, said the traffic lights are working independently of each other, causing hold-ups and delays.

He said: “The original system allowed you to go round the gyratory system at 26mph. So when you got a green, you were guaranteeed a green all the way round.

“Now it backs up from Parliament Street, and it’s almost impossible to get a run of green lights.”

Lancashire County Council said that new communication links would help to reduce traffic on the roads.

A spokesman said: “We are replacing the old telephone line links to the traffic signal junction controllers with modern broadband links.

“At the moment some of the junctions are not connected to our control centre and work independently of each other.

“Once the new communication links are installed, we can synchronise all the traffic lights on the city’s road network to minimise delays to traffic.

“The new communication links should be more reliable than the old system and bring a marginal improvement in traffic flow through the city. “

He added that the work wass expected to be completed later this spring.”

Lancashire County Council said that the new Heysham M6 Link Road, which is currently under construction, should also improve traffic flow through Lancaster.