Tablets suicide of tragic fiancee

A woman killed herself five years after her fiancé committed suicide on their wedding day.

Lorraine Agnes Weyer, 42, discovered her long-term partner Graham Rawcliffe hanged from the stairwell of the home they shared on the morning of their wedding in 1999.

An inquest at Preston Coroner's court was told yesterday that, on June 19, Miss Weyer was found in her bed at her home in Tennyson Mill Court, Ribbleton, Preston.

She was surrounded by empty packets of prescribed tablets and a post mortem examination found levels of the drug eight times higher than safe levels.

She had also been drinking as traces of alcohol were found in her blood.

A police search of the room revealed notes in her handwriting indicating an intention to harm herself.

Her partner Paul Eyre said he had last seen her two days before when he left to go to work but told the court she had called him on her mobile at around 3am on June 18. He described her as a "paranoid schizophrenic" and said: "She was asking me to go back home. She said she was frightened."

He also discovered he had missed one call from her and so went round to her home to check on her at noon on June 19. After getting no reply, he went upstairs and made the discovery.

Miss Weyer had been a witness at the inquest into her fianc 's death in November 1999 when she relived the horrific moment she found his body.

She told how she had been out with her children to buy a new blouse for the register office ceremony which was to take place that afternoon.

Mr Rawcliffe, 54, had seemed fine when she left, but when she returned less than an hour later, she found he had attached a hook to the stairwell and hanged himself using a leather belt.

She said he had a history of anxiety and depression and often made threats of suicide – but she never imagined he would carry them out.

At the hearing, coroner Howard McCann said: "Why do you think this happened – especially on a day like this when you were going to get married?"

She replied: "I don't know. He was very depressed. He told me every day that he felt like killing himself."

Yesterday's inquest was told Miss Weyer had also had problems for years and had been hospitalised for an overdose as long as 15 years ago.

Ten years ago, she had made an attempt to cut her wrists. She had also set fire to her home and had been treated in Whittingham Hospital.

Her son Raymond Weyer told the hearing he had last seen his mother about two days before her death. He said: "She was great, she was really pleased to see me."

But on the 19th, he was called by friends who told him the police were at his mother's home. He rushed round and was met by officers who told him the tragic news.

Howard McCann recorded a verdict of suicide.

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