Supermarket nappies 'bring baby out in blisters'

Albert with his son and the nappies
Albert with his son and the nappies

A Blackpool couple whose baby son broke out in severe, blistering rashes after wearing a supermarket-brand nappy has called for the product to be recalled.

Albert Grant, 46, and his partner Rebecca Robinson, 38, were horrified when their one-year-old son, Ozzie, was left crying in agony after wearing the ‘Little Ones’ nappies, which they bought from Sainsbury’s on Talbot Road.
The cause of the rash has not been confirmed but the store has said it is investigating.
Albert, a heavy goods driver, said: “We picked a pack of nappies up from Sainsbury’s and put a nappy on him and about two hours later we noticed there was rather a large red rash.
“We thought it was just a bit of nappy rash and put a bit of cream on, as you do. Then we put another nappy on him, and about an hour later it was worse.
“It was everywhere, going down his legs. It was like blisters, not a normal nappy rash. It was like a burn.”
The couple took to the internet in the hope of discovering the cause of Ozzie’s severe reaction, where they discovered a number of complaints about the ‘Little Ones’ nappies from fellow Sainsbury’s customers – some of which dated back to January 2015.
The company said it was investigating but added that it sold ‘millions’ of the nappies and the proportion of complaints was ‘minute’.
Albert said: “My partner looked into it, trying to find out what was in the nappies, and when she did there were lots of comments about the same brand of nappies that are doing the same thing to other children.”
They said doctors and the pharmacist the spoke to had described the rash as a ‘chemical reaction’.
Rebecca, a former police officer, said: “You don’t expect it from nappies.
“I do believe Sainsbury’s should have recalled them while under investigation.”

When asked about the situation, a spokesman for supermarket chain Sainsbury’s said: “This is obviously a really upsetting experience for Mr Grant and we hope his son feels much better soon.
“The safety and quality of our products is extremely important to us and we run dermatological testing to make sure they meet our high standards.
“We’ve sold millions of Little Ones nappies and, though it’s extremely rare, babies can very occasionally have a reaction to a new brand of nappy.
“We will always investigate any concerns our customers share with us.”