Superheroes for green generation

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A new breed of superhero is set to inspire a green generation of children and save the world from climate change.

Two dads have teamed up to create the Eco Heroes, to encourage youngsters to do more to look after the Earth.

Inspired idea: Eco Heroes creators Dave Robinson and Stephen Parkinson

Inspired idea: Eco Heroes creators Dave Robinson and Stephen Parkinson

And now, after more than two years of design, the characters are set to come to life in their very own computer game.

Launching on website Kickstarter, Dave Robinson and Stephen Parkinson hope to raise enough money to have the Eco Heroes game up and running by early next year.

Designer and co-creator Dave, 34, who lives in Lea, said: “Children are going to be affected by climate change more than anyone else and they hold the key to the future of our planet.

“Behaviour starts at a young age and the Eco Heroes are designed to be fun, colourful and exciting so that children want to be and behave like an Eco Hero.

“Once inspired to be Eco Heroes, it’s then second nature for children to want to take greater care of the environment.

“Removing phone chargers, turning appliances off ‘standby’ mode, switching the lights off and not running the taps when brushing your teeth, are all simple steps that children can do. “

The idea for the Eco Heroes came about after Dave met Stephen, who is head of communications at Preston Council.

Dave and his son, Ben, won a school recycling competition, and from that the Eco Heroes idea “snowballed”.

Stephen, 42, said: “The Eco Heroes is a true labour of love but it is such an exciting concept. Dave and I both have children at primary school and to be honest we are big kids ourselves!”

He added: “For the last two years, Dave and I have spent evenings and weekends working on the Eco Heroes - getting it to a point where it is ready to launch.

“Games are a fantastic way to reach people, especially children, so we have designed an Eco Heroes game that appeals to both children and parents.”

In Animal Alert, the Eco Heroes save animals in danger from environmental disasters such as chemical and oil spills.

Stephen said: “Animal Alert is about saving animals but it also has a strong environmental message and how our actions affect the planet.

“Climate change and global warming is a truly difficult concept to understand, let alone teach.

“Current resources focus on telling children about the environment, rather than inspiring them to find out and do more for themselves.

“The Eco Heroes fills this gap and engages children on their level so that they want to become Eco Heroes.

“We want the Eco Heroes to be a living library of resources for children, parents, teachers and schools so that everyone can learn more about climate change and how to be an Eco Hero. And who knows, even Eco Heroes the movie!”