Such sights for sensitive eyes

The Phantomat
The Phantomat
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Artist Benjamin Oliver is hosting an exhibition of paintings in the Ashton Memorial at Lancaster’s Williamson Park later this month.

Lancaster-based artist and filmmaker Benjamin presents his latest works, Oxyopia from Sunday May 18 – June 28.

In this first solo exhibition Benjamin showcases work that traces a specific understanding the artist has of oxyopia – a heightened acuteness of the eyesight, resulting from increased sensitivity of the retina. Benjamin relates this to an environment where paint combines with light and sound to create a stimulating experience that promises to capture the imagination.

Benjamin Oliver has been an artist all his life. His latest paintings embrace detailed digital techniques reinventing Victorian style etchings as graphical artworks as in The Phantomat.

Butterflies, insects, animal and human forms are fused together in surprising, playful and surreal landscapes.

A custom soundtrack by Electronica producer Rob Antony completes the effect as it resonates throughout the domed chamber.

He said: “It is an honour for me to exhibit in this beautiful and iconic building located in a fairy tale park.“

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