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Students from the Lancster-based University of Cumbria have been improving their leadership skills after being set a series of challenges by the army.

Around 20 students from the university’s Lancaster, Carlisle and Penrith campuses took part in the event which featured leadership workshops delivered by Liverpool University Officer Training Corps army education officer, Captain Catherine Ferguson, and a range of practical outdoor command tasks.

The challenges included gap crossing, minefield recovery, tyre tower and water transportation activities. The event was organised by the University of Cumbria Students’ Union (UCSU), and took place at the Lancaster campus.

John Sharp, UCSU’s academic sabbatical officer, arranged the event after taking part in a similar session last year adn said: “This is not only a fun event for students, but it also gives them the opportunity to strengthen their leadership and teamwork skills.

“The tactical and strategic planning which students must apply is used in everyday life and will help them in their future careers.”