Student cleared of attempted murder

Cleared: Gary Davies
Cleared: Gary Davies
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A jilted student who “sawed” his girlfriend’s neck with a kitchen knife to teach her a lesson has been cleared of attempted murder.

Gary Davies, 26, locked Robyn Clegg-Gibson, 19, in her bedroom before hacking a 7cm cut across her throat.

Davies, who denied attempted murder but admitted two charges of wounding with intent and false imprisonment, attacked the teenager in the early hours of September 30 last year after she ended their two-month relationship.

That night, after returning to Miss Clegg-Gibson’s house at Lancaster University where the pair both studied, Davies dealt five blows with a serrated kitchen knife because he “wanted to leave a scar”.

Giving evidence at Preston Crown Court, Davies said he had originally picked up a pair of scissors to scare her.

He said: “I wanted to scare her but I didn’t think scissors were intimidating enough, then I saw the knife in the drawer. I was angry and upset and I wanted to leave a scar.”

Following the break-up, Davies was let into the house to look for his keys, which he claimed he had lost. He was asked to leave after Miss Clegg-Gibson became uncomfortable with him in her bedroom, but he refused.

As she phoned police, he went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, returned and locked the door behind him.

Threatening Miss Clegg-Gibson with the knife, he told her to ring the police again and tell them not to come. But a few minutes later, a police officer arrived and asked Davies to open the door, causing him to panic.

During the trial, Paul Cummings, prosecuting, said: “He started to saw at her neck. She was trying to stop him.” Davies was stopped when the police officer kicked down the door.

A jury found Davies not guilty of attempted murder. He was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on April 14 for the other charges after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing.