Storage hunter bags a bargain

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Jesse McClure headed back to his hotel to dance the night away with his beautiful wife Ashley to the sounds of Tenpole Tudor’s Wunderbar and the Rice Krispies’ Pop 7’’ after a successful day in Preston.

The star of the US hit show Storage Hunters, which airs here in the UK on the Dave channel, was in the city to open Store First, a storage facility on Millennium City Park, off Bluebell Way, Preston.

Jesse McClure from US show Storage Hunters opening Store First, Millennium City Park, Preston

Jesse McClure from US show Storage Hunters opening Store First, Millennium City Park, Preston

He took the Lancashire Evening Post’s ‘storepod challenge’ and declared himself a winner after blind bidding £100 on a bootful of belongings gathering dust in the garage.

Wearing an Accrington Stanley shirt presented by former Blackburn Rovers striker and Stanley boss James Beattie, the first thing he plucked from the box was a Va Va Voom Big Blow Glam Kit.

And Jesse claimed he was off to a flier, saying it was worth at least £20.

He said: “A big blow glam kit for gorgeous big bouncy hair.

“I can see somebody using this; a little bit of a cheetah hairdryer effect.”

Next up was a Soviet era military peaked officer’s hat.

And with Russia encouraging Ukraine to move its borders away from the Red Army troops its use may well rise – a fact acknowledged by Jesse.

He said: “Cold War part two, it’s coming. Might be reissued; the value might just go up on this type of thing.”

He didn’t indicate whether he’d use to as a disguise as the Soviets trudge towards the Danube, but he did say it was worth £20-30.

And there was the Laotian paddyfield sun hat, which Jesse suspected wasn’t a period piece.

He jokingly declared it “priceless”, saying: “This could potentially be an old authentic Chinese hat; I can tell by the plastic bag used on it; it has to be real.

“It was to be early 200s so this is priceless.”

Would he even recognise a cricket bat?

“This is a funny thing. I think it could be used to massage maybe or pat down oatcakes.

“It looks like a funny baseball bat or when I was naughty; this is what my dad used to spank me.”

After that we were down to the dregs, including a small collection of vinyl.

“Blondie and we got a little Bowie, that could be worth a couple of pounds. Oh and Yoko Ono, it’s about negative £2 so we’re back to even.”

And the result. He was up financially and the public who turned out to see him were all afforded time for a chat and a photograph. He added: “I didn’t make too much money here but at least I have my CD collection so I can jam out with this win today.”