Stacey reunites with her long-lost mum after 21 years

Stacey Lee from Leyland is reunited with her mum Brenda Drake from Blackpool after a post on Facebook went viral
Stacey Lee from Leyland is reunited with her mum Brenda Drake from Blackpool after a post on Facebook went viral
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Stacey Lee, from Golden Hill Lane, Leyland, was separated from Brenda Drake when she was two years old.

She started searching for her mum when she was a teenager, and a couple of weeks ago she decided to give it one last chance and post a plea on social networking site, Facebook.

A picture of Stacey holding a cardboard board asking for information about her long-lost mum was shared more than 100,000 times, and led to the pair meeting up.

Stacey, 23, said: “I just wanted some answers. My legs were like jelly when we met up. We hugged and cried, it was really emotional, and we spent about five hours together talking. We’ve seen each other about four times since.”

Stacey was separated from Brenda in 1993 after a family breakdown, and went to live with her dad and two brothers, before being raised by her grandad in Runcorn.

She didn’t know if her mum had married and changed her name, as she was Brenda Davies when she had Stacey and 
her siblings.

Stacey spent eight years trying to find her, looking online, on the electoral register and turning to organisations such as the Salvation Army for help, but always ‘hit a brick wall’.

She was about to give up hope, until her boyfriend, Martin Smith, suggested she post a message on Facebook.

“I didn’t really have anything to lose,” Stacey said. “But I didn’t think I’d get one share, never mind it going viral!”

The message on her board read: “Looking for my birth mother Brenda Elizabeth Davies (may have another name). Born in Leyland, Lancs, had me in Manchester General 21st Oct 1991. I also have two other brothers from my mum. If you have any info please contact me.”

One of Stacey’s childhood friends who she hadn’t seen for years got in touch with her – who turned out to be her cousin. She passed on Brenda’s new surname and Stacey was then able to find her mum on Facebook. Stacey messaged her, saying ‘I take it you’re my mum’.

Brenda replied: “Yes I am love, nice to speak with you after all these years. I’ve been trying to find you and your brothers but had no luck. I thought I would never find you. I’m shaking and crying. I can’t believe it.”

They arranged to meet in a pub in Blackpool, near to where Brenda lives. Stacey discovered that she has four younger half brothers and sisters, who were all excited to meet her. Her brothers have also been in touch with their birth mum, but haven’t met her yet.

Stacey asked if they could keep in touch and Brenda said: “You will never leave my side again.”

Stacey said: “I feel a lot 
happier now.”