Spontaneous shot wins our Guild Wheel photo contest

WINNER: Diane Arthurs pedals through the blossom
WINNER: Diane Arthurs pedals through the blossom
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Sometimes the best photographs aren’t planned, they just happen.

And that was how Simon Cornhill became the latest winner of our Guild Wheel picture competition.

When I saw the results I thought it looked quite nice and so I sent it in

Simon Cornhill

Simon was cycling the 21-mile greenway around Preston with girlfriend Diane Arthurs when they spotted posters advertising the contest.

Within minutes the couple had stumbled on an eye-catching location and, armed with his mobile phone, Simon captured Diane cycling through the early summer blossom.

“When I saw the results I thought it looked quite nice and so I sent it in,” said the IT technnician who lives in Stanley Place, Preston. “I’ve never entered a photographic competition before and so you can imagine how surprised I am to have won. I’m thrilled.”

The couple are regulars around the Wheel, tackling the course a couple of times a week to keep fit. Simon admits the credit for his winning snap should go to Diane who suggested the location and the photo.

“We saw a sign advertising the competition pinned to a post,” he said. “Then, as we rode down the driveway near to the Preston Crematorium, it was Diane’s idea to stop for the picture. She said it would be a good location with all the lovely blossom on the trees. So I just jumped off my bike and got my phone out. I’ve watched photographers in the past taking shots and I’ve always thought there are some good ones taken from odd angles. So I held the phone close to the tarmac and, as Diane rode by, I took the photo. She is just as delighted with it as I am.”

Simon wins a £50 prize and his picture will go into our Guild Wheel calendar for 2016. Send your photos as JPEG attachments, of least 1MB in size, to picture editor Iain Lynn at iain.lynn@jpress.co.uk, along with your name, address and phone number.