Speed camera switch-on date is announced

Average speed camera
Average speed camera
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New average speed cameras in Wyre will go live on Friday.

The start date for the scheme, which covers a two-mile stretch along Head Dyke Lane in Pilling, was announced yesterday.

The Lancashire Road Safety Partnership (LSRP)said the route, which is subject to the national speed limit, is the fourth of eight to have the cameras switched on across the county.

Installation on the other four is either on-going or yet to begin.

The scheme in Pilling stretches from Fold House Caravan Park to Bourbles Lane .

The LRSP gave the go ahead for the scheme last year and in January announced the chosen routes in a bid to reduce road casualties and collisions.

It was reported last week that installations of the cameras had been completed.

Head Dyke Lane is a popular route in particular for motorcycles because of its straight, flat sections.

Average speed cameras were chosen because they have proven effective in getting motorists to slow down in other parts of the UK, an LRSP spokesman said.

The cameras will use number plate recognition technology work out a vehicle’s speed by measuring the time taken to travel between fixed points.