Sort this '˜dangerous race track' - call for safety action on busy Leyland road

Urgent safety action has been demanded on a busy Leyland road - which has been dubbed a 'dangerous race track'.

Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 8:38 am
Updated Wednesday, 10th October 2018, 12:30 am

It is feared those who use Bent Lane - especially children - are in danger of serious injury from speeding motorists.

A petition to Lancashire County Council has been launched.

The online petition has received almost 150 signatures in just several days.

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Bent Lane, Leyland

It was organised by Nicky Peet and states: “The amount of people driving fast down Bent Lane, totally disregarding the speed limit, is concerning.

“A road that is regularly crossed by school children, as well as the rest of the community, safety measures need to be put in place, and quick.

“Many locals have expressed their concern about this matter. But it’s as if there needs to be a serious/fatal accident in order for something to be done about it.

“This shouldn’t be the case. Accidents need to be prevented. A crossing needs to be put in place, it needs doing now. Located close to the motorway and near the ever expanding development of Buckshaw Village, the volume of traffic on Bent Lane is increasing all the time. Now is the time to do something about it.”

Dorothy Johnston posted in reply: “It’s a dangerous race track.”

And Lesley Holden commented: “I used to live there and know first hand how dangerous it is. That was why I moved, having three little girls.”

Jo Hindle-Taylor, is one of the organisers behind the Friends of Bent Lane, who are aiming to create a children’s playground .

She used the popular public Facebook page Leyland Memories to urge support for the campaign.

In reply, Joan Nelson commented: “All Leyland the same now unfortunately. A race track. You cant even cross safely on a zebra crossing.”

And Dorothy Crossley posted: “We live just off the bad bend. It’s really scary the speed people come round it just at the moment I’m reversing onto my drive!”

South Ribble borough councillor Paul Wharton has campaigned for road safety improvements in Leyland for years.

He said: “Bent Lane has been an issue for a while. We’ve had a number of accidents on there and people speed on there.

“I believe it’s been on the cards for some improvements but nothing’s been done.

“It seems to be getting worse in Leyland and with a lack of police resources, enforcement of speeding doesn’t seem to be getting done really.”

Ridwan Musa, highways manager for Lancashire County Council, said: “There has only been one recorded incident involving a pedestrian on Bent Lane, back in 2014. This wouldn’t meet our criteria for installing a crossing.

“We know that speeding is a concern for many communities and work closely with the police to prioritise actions to target our resources effectively.

“When people have concerns about speeding we use this information, along with records of casualties, speed surveys and other local information to determine what action is most appropriate.

“These measures could include police enforcement, installation of temporary signs, community road watch, engagement and education.”