Smoke alarm alert after man rescued

Drama: Bairstow Street
Drama: Bairstow Street
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Firefighters have stressed the need for smoke alarms after a man had neighbours to thank for helping to save his life.

Fire crews rescued the sleeping man from his smoke-filled flat in the Avenham area of Preston in the early hours after people in the apartment above alerted the emergency services.

Later watch manager Mark Woodward said: “The flat did not have working smoke alarms. Fortunately the people in the premises above smelled the smoke and called us in.

“He has been very lucky that his neighbours were still awake at that time in the morning. This could have been much more serious.”

Two crews from Preston and one from Penwortham were turned out to the flats in Bairstow Street off Avenham Lane at around 2am.

Watch manager Woodward said: “The people upstairs told us they had banged on his door and couldn’t get any response.

“We looked through the window and could see the flat was smoke-logged and so firefighters in breathing apparatus forced the door in and brought the young man out of the living room.

“An oven was left on and he had gone into the living room and fallen alseep. He needed oxygen and was taken to hospital for treatment for the effects of smoke inhalation. But he was OK.

“This just highlights what we keep saying: Make sure you have working smoke alarms, they can save your life.

“If people don’t have alarms then we will fit them free of charge. They just need to go on the Lancashire Fire and Rescue website or ring 0800 1691125.”