Smashed cars highlight drink drive consequences

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Two smashed cars in which two drivers died are to be displayed in the centre of Preston today, to show the devastating consequences of drink driving.

Police will be joined by Lancashire County Council’s Wasted Lives team and fire crews on the Flag Market, where the crushed remains of the cars will be on show.

DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES: The wreckage of car Daniel Birch was driving

DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES: The wreckage of car Daniel Birch was driving

The authorities are hoping the display will urge people not to drink and drive over Christmas.

Daniel Birch was 23 when he was killed in March 2012 near his home in Coppull.

He was driving home after a night out, when he lost control and collided with a gate post.

Daniel was almost three times over the legal drink drive limit.

His mum Helen said: “We want parents to realise that no matter what age their kids are, they need to be asking them questions. Just because they don’t think they’re doing it, doesn’t mean they’re not.”

Matthew Alston was killed on the morning of Saturday 14 August, 2010, in Read near Burnley.

The 18-year-old was over the drink drive limit the morning after drinking alcohol at a party at home.

Chief Inspector Richard Blackburn said: “Daniel and Matthew’s stories highlight the most tragic consequences of drink driving; their families have been left completely devastated but are keen to educate people about the dangers.

“It’s hoped the presence of Daniel and Matthew’s vehicles at Preston Flag Market today will show people the stark reality of drink driving.”

This month, police will be carrying out enforcement activity across the county, including checkpoints at locations where officers will administer drink and drugs tests where they suspect somebody may be under the influence.