Slurry pit is refused due to smell risk

Whittingham Lane
Whittingham Lane
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A farmer is to challenge a second Town Hall knockback for a one million gallon slurry pit next to land earmarked for houses.

Dairyman John Dewhurst is refusing to give up on plans to build the “lagoon” at Whittingham Hall Farm near Preston after admitting: “I can’t farm if I don’t build it.”

Preston Council has refused the application for a second time due to fears that smell and flies could affect a proposed housing development on adjacent land. Planners have demanded expert proof that a special synthetic membrane covering the pit will eliminate odours.

“It’s a blow,” said John who has a milk herd of 170 pedigree cows and 150 young stock on his farm. “The membrane I’m putting on the pit is designed to do the job, but I’m now having to employ an expert to tell the council just that.

“I’m right next to a potential lot of housing on the old hospital site. But the land next to me is phase three of the scheme and that might not be built for 20 years, if ever. So you can imagine how frustrated I am by all of this.”