Slimming experts at awards

Paddy mcGuinness
Paddy mcGuinness
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Two local Slimming World consultants were praised by TV star Paddy McGuinness at the weight loss brand’s annual awards ceremony.

Joanne Shaw and Deborah Carr run slimming groups in Lancashire and were delighted to meet the comedian.

Former fitness instructor Paddy said: “I was genuinely amazed to hear about what a difference Consultants like Joanne and Deborah make to people’s lives.

“At the ceremony I met lots of people who’d lost incredible amounts of weight and it had totally changed their lives.

“Every single one of them told me that they couldn’t have done it without the support of their Slimming World group and their Consultant.”

Joanne runs a Slimming World group at Preston’s Trinity Methodist Church every Monday night and hosts a similar session at Bamber Bridge Methodist church every Thursday.

She said: “As well as seeing stonking success on the scales, we’ve held parties in group and raised money for charity.

“I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds and I’d love anyone thinking about losing weight this January to join us.”