Slimline Steph sheds 100lbs in weight

Steph Blakeley from Bamber Bridge lost 100lbs (after pic)
Steph Blakeley from Bamber Bridge lost 100lbs (after pic)
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A WOMAN, who has lost 100lbs in weight says she is “amazed” to be nominated for a slimming group’s ‘woman of the year’ award.

Stephanie Blakeley, 34, from Bamber Bridge, shed just over seven stones when she joined a Slimming World group with her mum in 2011.

Steph Blakeley from Bamber Bridge lost 100lbs before pic)

Steph Blakeley from Bamber Bridge lost 100lbs before pic)

The married, mum-of-one said: “I knew I had to lose weight but I never did anything about it so when my mum decided to join the slimming club and she needed someone to take her, I just drove her and ended up joining myself.”

“It hasn’t been an overnight success though, it’s taken me a while.

“I remember walking around clothes shops and being embarrassed that I’d be picking up a size 24.

“I’d turn the hanger around and try and hide it in case I bumped into someone I knew and they saw the size I was wearing.

“Now I show everyone I’m picking up a size 14, I’m proud to show it off - though I do still have the one size 24 hanger in my wardrobe to remind me how far I’ve come.”

Stephanie puts her amazing weight loss down to simply changing the way she eats, avoiding cooking with fatty oils and support from the group at the Carr Street Community centr e.

And now she’s proving to be an inspiration for other slimmers who are starting their weight-loss journey.

She said: “People are coming to me for advice and recipe ideas - it’s a bit bizarre really.

“What they don’t realise is they’re helping me as much as I’m helping them.”

Stephanie continued: “I am proud of the weight I’ve lost but it’s only recently that I’ve been able to realise that I’m this size now, not the big size I used to be.

“My teenage son keeps asking if he can pick me up - he can’t believe it!”

And Stephanie, who has designs on becoming a Slimming World leader and has also had to have her wedding and engagement rings reduced seven sizes, says people who see her at work at her local off-license are flabbergasted when they see her now.

She said: “When people pop in and they haven’t seen me for a while, they always comment on the weight loss.

“It’s because I’m no longer wearing my big bulky fleece!”