Shortcut road made one way

Road plan: Councillors David Howarth and Tony Pimblett on Rawstorne Road, in Penwortham
Road plan: Councillors David Howarth and Tony Pimblett on Rawstorne Road, in Penwortham
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Neighbours living in a Penwortham road that is constantly used as a cut through are set to get relief after plans were drawn up to implement a one way traffic trial.

Concerns have been raised by residents about motorists ‘rat running’ along Rawstorne Road, trying to avoid the traffic lights at the Cop Lane junction.

The problem, combined with issues of cars parking along the narrow road, has resulted in major congestion and problems with gaining access to properties.

However a one-way route is set to be introduced for a six month period to see if those problems can be resolved.

The new system would mean there would be no entry from Cop Lane and the road will be one way up to Mornington Road.

The rest of the road would remain as it is now giving access to Wembley Avenue.

Coun Tony Pimblett, county councillor for Penwortham North, said: “It is quite a narrow road at points and it has got where people use it for rat running to miss the traffic lights.

“There’s parents with children down there.

“I was asked by one particular parent if I could do something about it because they had a near (bump) with their car.

“We have been looking at it for a number of years but we have not been able to find a solution to suit with residents.

“We gave it a bit of thought and came up with a solution and asked what they (the residents) thought of this solution and about 99 per cent of residents agreed with it.

“So the county council has agreed to put in experimental tests to make it one-way, only part of it.

“It is only a short section near the lights. It will stop people coming down from Cop Lane.

“The rest of the road will be two-way.”

It is understood that Lancashire County Council will be writing to residents about the scheme, which will be implemented in February for six months.

It will then be reviewed at the end of the six month period.