Shock new cancer diagnosis won’t stop Ric’s charity trek

Ric Clark with his kids after his stomach operation
Ric Clark with his kids after his stomach operation
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A dad whose victory over stomach cancer last year was serialised by the Evening Post, has revealed he’s been diagnosed with a second, incurable cancer.

Ric Clark, 34, of Penwortham, has spoken of his disbelief at the diagnosis, but says despite gruelling treatment, he won’t let it stop him from completing a fundraising challenge in aid of the Rosemere Cancer Foundation.

He said: “I ran a marathon on June 7 and shortly after that started to feel quite unwell. On June 19 I saw an oncologist for a yearly checkup and because of the symptoms, I was sent for a scan. I never ever thought that it would be cancer again.”

Ric’s peritoneal cancer is a rare form which mainly affects women, that has metastasized from his first tumour.

Because of the effects of chemotherapy, he will no longer be able to run alongside friend Ian Jones, who beat testicular cancer five years ago, in a three-day coast-to-coast charity mission planned for September.

Instead he’ll be riding the 140 mile route as a passenger in a rickshaw and has recuited six people to pull it in relay.

Ric said: “I feel absolutely rubbish I can’t run it. In two months I’ve gone from running a marathon to not being able to stand for five minutes.

“But I’m not being defeated, I’ll be in the rickshaw all the way, propped up with plenty of cushions. We’ll be sticking to proper paths, so hopefully it won’t be too rough.”

The team hope to raise £5,000 and will be selling raffle tickets outside Asda in Fulwood on August 29.

Anyone who wishes to donate to the fund, or can help provide a rickshaw can email:, visit or search Facebook for Run:Mission.