Sheila donates her trolley dash goodies

GENEROUS GESTURE: Sheila Green, right,with Major Maggie Cadogan of the Salvation Army.
GENEROUS GESTURE: Sheila Green, right,with Major Maggie Cadogan of the Salvation Army.
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When Sheila Green won a prize for a supermarket trolley dash she didn’t think about stocking up her own cupboards but instead decided to donate the prize to charity.

The 64-year-old from Fulwood, Preston, got in touch with the Salvation Army – who took part in the trolley dash at Sainsbury’s in Deepdale – and she also bagged them another £500.

Retired officer worker Sheila said: “I filled in a competition in Take a Break magazine for this trolley dash and when the letter came to say I had won I decided to give it to charity.

“I just thought that the Salvation Army does such a wonderful job in so many different ways in which they held people so I decided to donate to them.”

Adam Draycott from the Salvation Army completed the trolley dash on Thursday with Sheila and her friend Carol Shaw, who is also involved in the church, watching.

The food will be used at the charity’s food bank.

Sheila said: “There was a choice between Morrisons and Sainsbury’s so I left it up to them, they chose Sainsbury’s in Flintoff Way.

“It starts at 7.30am, it was open to members of the public. They did it while the people were shopping.

“Adam knew which aisles he was going to go down. They put a trolley at the end of the aisle, so Adam went down it got the items put it in the trolley then went down the next one.”

At the end of the trolley dash Sheila had to guess what the value of the shopping was.

She was told if her guess was within £20 Take a Break would give a £500 cheque or if it was within £50 they would give a £250 cheque.

Sheila guessed £475 and the final amount was £471.60 – meaning she bagged £500 for Salvation Army.

She said: “They were really pleased. They didn’t want joints of meat, that’s not the sort of thing they want, it was tins, coffee, soap powder, things like that.

“I enjoyed it, it was very good and I am so pleased for them.”

Claire Hobson, general assistant at the Salvation Army in Harrington Street, said: “It is amazing. We were asked what we were in need of so they had an idea, they had five minutes.

“They got a lot of food that we were in need of for our Christmas hampers and things we don’t get many donations of like nappies, wipes and baby food and milk.

“It will really go a long way. We are so overwhelmed.”