She spilled the drink I bought her – three years later we had our Big Day

When Samuel Whitear bought Nicola Mann a drink in Squires nightclub, Preston, back in January 2012, he didn’t think he’d be wearing it!

Samuel Whitear & Nicola Mann PHOTOS: Velvet Fleur Photography -
Samuel Whitear & Nicola Mann PHOTOS: Velvet Fleur Photography -

Sam, a media consultant from Preston, shyly approached Nicola, a nursery nurse from Sheffield.

“It was a complete accident,” says Sam, “so she tells me!”

Despite the unfortunate soaking, shortly after, the couple had their first date with a game of bowling at the Capitol Centre where Sam got his own back.

“I wasn’t much of a gentleman,” he says,

“I kept feeding her shots of alcohol and didn’t let her win at either the dance machine or bowling.”

A little over a year later in March 2013, Sam and Nicola bought a house together, completely renovating the property into their dream home.

Just before they’d completed the work on May 24, Sam asked for Nicola’s hand in marriage in their newly- decorated master bedroom.

“I’d asked her parents’ permission first,” adds Sam.

“I was very nervous as it was a special time for us after spending so long making our new home perfect.”

After Nicola accepted Sam’s proposal, she was straight on the phone to call her parents and family.

“I think she was happy,” adds Sam.

On December 29, the couple were married at Bartle Hall.

“The day itself was truly amazing,” say Mr and Mrs Whitear.

“The setting and the team at Bartle Hall was exceptional - perfect flowers and even the weather stayed with us throughout the day.”

Day guests arrived at the venue to saxophonist Garry Darton while those arriving in the evening were treated to performances from award-winning magician Jason Rea.

“It seemed like everyone was happy and having fun, especially Nicola and I,” adds Sam.

Unbeknown to their guests, the newlyweds had been having secret dance lessons with Preston’s Carol May, to make sure their first dance as husband and wife went with a bang.

“Neither of us can dance particularly well,” says Sam.

“So we had lessons to help out.”

As Sam and Nicola swirled around the floor to the Bryan Adam’s classic anthem, Everything I Do, I Do It For You, they were joined halfway through by Nicola’s bridesmaids who had a dance routine mapped out.

“When the music stopped halfway it went into Saturday Night and the girls joined in with us,” says Sam.

“They had been coming to the lessons with us and it certainly helped to take the pressure off.”

After their perfect winter wedding, Nicola and Sam jetted off to the sunshine for a honeymoon break in Puerta Vallarta on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.