‘She just laughed in my face’

'Helena' says her husband was scammed by a prostitute.
'Helena' says her husband was scammed by a prostitute.
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During the Twilight series, Evening Post investigative reporter AASMA DAY talked to a Preston woman who revealed her family’s life had been ruined by a predatory prostitute who ensnared her husband of 45 years. One year on, we discover the prostitute is up to her old tricks

Being left for a younger woman after years of marriage is one of the worst fears for a wife, but Helena* has experienced the ultimate nightmare.

Not only did her husband George* take up with a woman less than half his age after 45 years of marriage, the woman he got involved with was a drug addicted prostitute who is known to the police in Preston for preying on elderly men for their cash.

Helena, now 65, who lives in Preston, revealed that husband George, now 66, was befriended by the prostitute, who usually targets widowers and single elderly men to fund her drink-and-drugs lifestyle.

Even though he was married with two children and four grandchildren, George became obsessed by the attention of the younger woman and gave her thousands of pounds, frittering away his life savings.

When we last spoke to Helena, she had separated from George after realising he had given the prostitute more than £50,000 and was secretly meeting her.

This time last year, Helena told how George had finally realised he was being used purely for his money and had admitted the 30-year-old prostitute was blackmailing him by threatening to cause trouble for his children.

He told Helena he no longer wanted anything to do with the prostitute and she described him as “a lost soul”.

However one year on, a heartbroken Helena has revealed that she is divorcing George as he is back with the prostitute and has set her up in a flat, spending so much money he is now facing bankruptcy.

Helena said: “I saw her for the first time getting into his car and I opened the car door. She just slammed it shut and then she trapped my hand in the window and laughed in my face as George drove the car off.

“Things have not changed. He is besotted with her and cannot see her for what she really is. Seeing her face-to-face for the first time was a real shock. Before I saw her, I was obsessed with her and told the police and the doctor that I constantly thought of killing her.

“But once I saw her, all these feelings just completely went. Her hair was all bleached blonde and she looked like a dog. She looks like what she is: a rough, drug-addicted prostitute.

“But that is what George has chosen and that is why I am divorcing him.”

It is a far cry from the life Helena dreamed of in retirement. She and George, a retired civil servant, lived in a four-bedroomed detached bungalow and enjoyed going on family caravanning holidays together.

It was completely out of character when George started disappearing for hours on end.

He eventually told Helena he had become friends with a young woman who had been sexually abused and he wanted to help her.

However, as time went on, Helena realised there was more to the relationship – the woman was a prostitute and drug addict with a reputation for exploiting elderly men.

Helena explains: “One of her favourite ploys is to help an elderly man with his shopping, go to his home and make him a cup of tea and then pop in a week later to see how he is.

“Usually, she targets widowers and single men.

“But even though my husband was married with a family, she managed to ensnare him into her web and rip him off for thousands of pounds.”

Helena confesses that the entire scenario has devastated her life as she knew it crumbled before her eyes.

She says: “It has screwed me up and I am having counselling to deal with it.

“In my eyes, George left me for dead the day he took up with this woman.

“This woman has no qualms about what she is doing or the fact that she has ruined people’s lives. She just laughs at me and laughs at the police. She has taken George for every penny he has got and has got him into debt. He has been a complete fool and an idiot. He says he loves her and cannot see that she is just using him for his money.

“She has several men on the go and doesn’t care for any of them. I still cannot believe this has happened to me. It feels like a horrible dream.”

Tim Jacques, assistant chief constable of Lancashire police, said: “Sadly this kind of exploitation happens in Lancashire and this story should serve as a stark reminder of the kinds of traps people can fall into.

“Our job is to work with the individuals, their families and other agencies to protect those who are vulnerable to such exploitation.

“Part of that is raising awareness of the issues, which this story certainly does.

“Of course we will also deter if possible or prosecute those responsible where there is sufficient evidence of criminal behaviour.

“There are, of course, instances where someone is of sound mind and simply insists on making ‘bad choices’.

“In these circumstances and without any evidence of criminal behaviour there is little any agency can do.

“I would however urge anyone who believes they have suffered as a consequence of any kind of criminal exploitation to contact their local police and we will do all that we can to bring offenders to justice.”

* Names have been changed