Shale gas views row

Meeting: Coun Trevor Fiddler in Freckleton
Meeting: Coun Trevor Fiddler in Freckleton
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Organisers of a meeting accused anti-fracking campaigners for ‘hijacking’ a meeting to discuss shale gas.

Freckleton Parish Council hosted the event, at the village hall on School Lane, to allow residents to share their views. Some speakers were heckled while others were shouted down.

Afterwards, council chairman St John Greenhough said: “It was a pity the anti-frackers hijacked the meeting.

“We were trying not to let it happen.

“Our aim was to let people speak and put their concerns to the parish council about fracking in Freckleton.”

Coun Trevor Fiddler defended the decision to restrict comments to local residents.

At the meeting, he said: “There have been many meetings up and down Fylde but we haven’t got a balanced representation of experts here.”

Bob Dennett, of Residents Against Fylde Fracking, was at the meeting and dismissed claims it had been hijacked by campaigners. He said: “I think the council did not like the fact there were so many people in the village who are opposed to fracking. It’s quite clear to me that certain councillors are pro-fracking and are not representing their constituents.”

Energy firm Cuadrilla plans to dig an exploratory well on Clifton Marsh.

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