Search on for brewer’s famed ginger ale bottles

beer: John Herbert
beer: John Herbert
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The great-grandson of a Preston ginger beer maker is on a quest to find a piece of his heritage.

John Herbert was a mineral water and ginger beer manufacturer based in Bootle Street, until after the Second World War.

The Labour councillor produced ginger pop in earthenware bottles, herbal beers and mineral waters at his brewery.

His great-grandson Andrew Atkinson has tried in vain to track down an old bottle or earthenware jar with the John Herbert stamp on and is now appealing for Evening Post readers to help.

Andrew, 54, of Penwortham, said: “I have trawled the car boots, antique and charity shops in and around Lancashire in search for a bottle or earthenware jar manufactured by John Herbert to no avail.

“John Herbert Brewery was in a small warehouse, a one-man band. He was one of a handful of mineral water and beer manufacturers in Preston.

“With it being Preston Guild this year, it would certainly be something to celebrate if a John Herbert beer bottle or earthenware jar surfaced.”

l Contact Andrew on 0770 234 0744.