Scam website mimics Lune Valley country house competition

Dunstan Low in front of the house in Melling
Dunstan Low in front of the house in Melling
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A scam website set up to look like a competition to win a country house in the Lune Valley has been attempting to steal credit card details from people that have mistakenly entered it.

A man who wished to remain anonymous said he fell foul of the scam after reading about the competition and looking online for the website.

After entering what he thought was the proper competition, the man said he later received a call from Visa, whose fraud department had noticed irregular activity on his card.

No money had been taken from the account at this point, but the man had to cancel all of his card details.

The scam website is www.win-acountryhouse.com, whilst the original one is at www.winacountryhouse.com.

Dunstan Low, the owner of Melling Manor in Melling, is raffling off the property in a competition which closes August 1.

Mr Low said he had reported the scam website to namecheap - the domain registrar, and to whoisguard - the private registration company.