Sarah made up to marry her man in a dream wedding on historic isle

Sarah and Chris were much more than a Highland fling.

Sunday, 25th August 2013, 8:00 am
Sarah Flowers and Chris Weldon PHOTOS: Martin Toole and John Keith Photography

The couple from Much Hoole, Preston, met at the Walmer Bridge pub where Sarah was working at the time.

Sarah, a make-up artist, said: “Our good friend, Richard Moon is landlord of the pub and I have known him since I was 16 years old but Chris and I had never met.”

When the couple went on their first date on November 5, 2010, sparks flew – and it wasn’t just the fireworks.

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“We realised Chris was good friends with my uncle and cousin and had known my dad’s Scottish side of the family a long time.

“He had even been on holidays to Canada with them.”

A year later on October 2011, Sarah and Chris, a salesman originally from Penwortham, took a trip to Sarah’s parent’s home on the Isle of Arran.

“There is a really romantic walk we like to do up in the hills of Kildonan where there is a man made hut we like to call the Fairy Hut and people write messages there and stick them around the room.

“On our visit Chris drew around my hand and his and put the date we were there and stuck it on the wall.”

Unbeknown to Sarah this was all part of a cunning plan.

“In April 2012 we returned to Arran with my parents but I knew something was up,” says Sarah. “Before we set off my dad complained that his feet were hurting and would need to walk slow but as soon as I said we wouldn’t go on the walk he changed his tune.

“As we arrived Chris jumped out the car and started walking up the hill with me and my Chihuahua, Missy, but as my mum and dad got left behind I began to get mad and shouted for Chris to wait.

“Just was we reached the Fairy Hut, my parents were no where to be seen, I started to look for the handprints we had left last time and Chris started to tell me how much he loved me.”

As Sarah turned around, Chris was on one knee asking her to be his wife.

“I jumped on him and said yes and my parents met us – they had known for ages as Chris had asked my dad’s permission.

“He said he drew around my hand so when I said yes he could put a ring on the drawing and the date of our engagement.” On May 25 the couple returned to Arran to marry at the Kildonan Hotel. “I wanted something different as, being a make-up artist, I have seen a lot of weddings as have my parents being wedding photographers,” says Sarah.

“When my good friend Graham and Brian suggested Arran it got Chris and I thinking maybe the wedding should be there as we have so much history with the place.

“Leading up to the wedding, nothing was going right,” says Sarah, “even the ferry was cancelled on the Thursday and it was so cold.

“By Friday the sun was shining and on the day of the wedding the weather was amazing – very hot.”

The couple were married overlooking the lake at the hotel. “When I got there I was shaking so much, I have never been as nervous,” says Sarah.

“As I held my dad’s hand he reassured me that I would be OK.” She adds, “It was our dream wedding. Thank you so much to my mum and dad.”