Safety action on ‘dangerous’ bend

Improvements: Lancashire County Council is looking into make this notorious junction safer
Improvements: Lancashire County Council is looking into make this notorious junction safer
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New plans have been announced to make a section of road dubbed ‘suicide corner’ safer for motorists.

Residents of Bamber Bridge and Hoghton have complained for decades about traffic on a bend beside the Hospital Inn pub, at the junction of Brindle Road and bank Head Lane.

When a railway crossing next to the bend is down, traffic builds up on both roads because of people trying to turn into the blocked Brindle Road, which flows into Kellet Lane.

This can delay frustrated motorists for up to 20 minutes during peak times, and it is common to see drivers pull out of the queue and continue past it on the wrong side of the road, on a blind bend.

Now the County Council wants to make the area safer, and is in discussions with Network Rail over ideas.

Paul Dunne, Lancashire County Council’s highways manager for Preston, said: “We’re proposing to place ‘keep clear’ markings to improve safety.

“At the moment, drivers who don’t want to use the crossing but instead continue from Brindle Road to Bank Head Lane or vice versa overtake traffic queuing for the crossing and meet head-on.

“As the scheme is near the railway line we need to agree these proposals with Network Rail and are currently going through this process.”

But questions over the proposal have been raised by Bamber Bridge East Councillor Dave Watts.

He said: “It’s good that the County Council are looking at the problem, it’s been on the agenda of local people since I became a councillor 18 years ago, but I’m not sure how a few lines on the road are going to work.

“To have any kind of impact, you’d need them all the way down Brindle Road and Kellet Lane.

“There’s also plans for up to 800 new homes to be built off Brindle Road, including 42 on the Hospital Inn site and 280 at the back of Cottage Gardens, so the problem with traffic is only going to get worse.

“In my opinion, sadly the only thing to resolve the problem is to close the level crossing, but the people of Bamber Bridge don’t seem to want this.”

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