RSPB urge public to leave fledglings alone

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Well-meaning members of the public are being encouraged to leave any baby birds they have discovered on the ground well alone.

It is the time of year when fledglings will leave their nest to explore.

Kate Whitehead, speaking for the RSPB Northern England Region, said: “It is vital that people resist the urge to intervene – this is a natural part of the bird’s development, so keep your distance and step away.

“Just before baby birds are ready to tentatively extend a wing, wiggle a tail feather and take flight for the first time, they leave their nest, and spend a couple of days on the ground developing their final flight feathers.

“The fledglings will spend these days hopping around your garden in broad daylight – hence why so many members of the public are convinced they need rescuing.”

If they are found injured call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.