RSPB put out call for hungry hedgehogs

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The RSPB is urging people to give hedgehogs a helping hand by providing some extra nourishment.

As the weather warms up, most hedgehogs will have woken from their winter hibernation.

However, with fat reserves running low and having lost a third of their bodyweight, they’ll be on a desperate hunt for food in our gardens to fatten themselves up before the breeding season begins.

RSPB wildlife advisor Richard James, said: “ Sadly, it’s estimated that UK hedgehogs have declined by a third in the last ten years, so it’s vital that we do our bit to give them a home in our own gardens this year.

“Bread and milk, must be avoided as it causes the hedgehogs stomach upset.

“Small amounts of cake, biscuits and pastry as well as fresh and dried fruits and cooked vegetables can also be used and a fresh supply of water will also be gratefully received.”