Royal letter of approval for schoolboy who broke record

RECORD BREAKER: Penwortham Priory Academy teen scientist Jamie Edwards
RECORD BREAKER: Penwortham Priory Academy teen scientist Jamie Edwards
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Bright spark contacted by HRH Duke of York after creating nuclear fusion reactor.

A schoolboy boffin has received royal approval after becoming the world’s youngest person to create a nuclear fusion reactor.

Penwortham teenager Jamie Edwards was days away from his 14th birthday when he snatched the record from American Taylor Wilson who did the experiment aged 14.

Wilson went on to become an internet science phenomenon and Jamie is already following in his footsteps.

But, besides attracting the interest of the international scientific world, the Priory Academy scholar has received a VIP message of congratulations from HRH The Duke of York, who now wants to meet the youngster.

A letter bearing the royal stamp arrived at the Crow Hills Road school on Tuesday, addressed to Jamie Edwards Esq.

Headteacher Jim Hourigan decided to let the teen open it in assembly.

Neither had any idea who it was from or what it said.

Jamie could not believe his eyes when he read that His Royal Highness Prince Andrew was “very pleased to hear the record was back in British hands”.

Via his assistant private secretary James Upsher, the Queen’s second son told Jamie he was a “firm believer that Britain is the very best place in the world for science and engineering”.

He added: “It is gratifying that you have already started doing your part to maintain that proud tradition.”

Jamie was even more amazed when he read HRH sent his “regrets that, due to a very busy day,” he won’t be able to meet him when he visits Lancaster this week.

However, his office is “looking to see if there is another chance to visit Penwortham Priory Academy”.

Jamie said: “I was surprised, but pleased, that the Royal Family had taken an interest in what I had done.

“If he was able to visit Priory, it would be an honour and a privilege to meet Prince Andrew and for him to recognise my achievement.” Mr Hourigan added: “It’s superb that Jamie has got recognition from Prince Andrew. Jamie’s achievement is a coup for the school, but also Jamie has made history in Preston and the UK, and it’s pleasing this is being recognised by royalty.”