‘Rowdy’ club gets licence restrictions

COMPLAINTS: Dalton Rooms in Lancaster
COMPLAINTS: Dalton Rooms in Lancaster
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A nightclub has had conditions placed on its licence following complaints about noise and rowdy behaviour.

The Dalton Rooms was the subject of a licence review at Lancaster Town Hall on Wednesday.

Two residents in Wesley House, off Dalton Square, Lancaster, complained about late night noise associated with the venue.

Licensee Grant Stringer said he had spent thousands of pounds on addressing the issues, including sound proofing interior walls, “echo barriers” outside the front door, and moving smokers to the back of his premises.

Lancaster City Council’s licensing committee accepted a range of measures presented by Mr Stringer to try and reduce the effects of noise on residents living in and around Dalton Square.

The Dalton Rooms is open until 4am at weekends.

Colin Wood, who moved to Wesley House in March, said: “I’ve been getting really ill with this and losing sleep. People have been urinating on Queen Victoria’s monument – both men and women. I’m frightened to go to sleep because I know the noise is coming.”

Micheal Nunn, who also lives in Wesley House, said: “I think most reasonable people would not object to some levels of noise on a Friday and Saturday night, but I think we could query the need for clubbing on a Sunday and Monday night.”

Other measures agreed include: Door supervisors to monitor and regulate queues, customers not allowed to smoke in the foyer at the front entrance after 11pm Thursday to Monday and will be directed into St Mary’s Street, doors and windows to be kept closed whenever there is entertainment apart from access, music in the bar must be played through a sound limiting device, and contact number will be provided for complaints.