Row as pavements are blocked by cars

'Difficult problem': Cars parked in residential streets around New Hall Lane in Preston
'Difficult problem': Cars parked in residential streets around New Hall Lane in Preston
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Cars parked in a city street are putting children and wheelchair users at risk, according to neighbours.

Residents in Church Avenue off New Hall Lane claim vehicles are parked in their street from nearby garages, completely blocking parts of the pavements.

“There are people in wheelchairs and with push chairs and they are having to walk in the road because you just can’t get past”, said Church Avenue resident Billy Worswick.

“I’ve got a 22-year-old granddaughter in a wheelchair and my daughter has to come the other way because of all the cars on the pavement.”

Billy, 65, said: “What I’m frightened of is there are two junior schools and you only need one of the children to be on the road and a car to come around the corner.”

He said there were often cars on the street that didn’t belong to residents, and also on Devonshire Place, from nearby garages. However, when contacted by the Lancashire Evening Post, both Devonshire Garage and Lukas Auto said most of the cars did not belong to them.

Fishwick councillor Martyn Rawlinson said: “It’s a really difficult problem.

“I really feel for them because the streets are choked with cars that don’t belong to the residents.

“On Church Avenue, on one side there is a narrow pavement that runs along the side of the football pitches and in the evening there’s just a full line of cars parked fully on the pavement, completely blocking the pavement.

“And quite often the other side is blocked.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “There is pressure on parking in many residential areas due to competing demands of residents, businesses and people visiting businesses.

“However, if cars are taxed and insured they can be parked on a street which has no parking restrictions. The county council enforces parking restrictions but obstruction of roads or pavements due to poor parking is enforced by the police.”