Roaring to help big cats in the wild

Two colleagues are roaring to go as they prepare to help endangered wild cats.

Friday, 24th June 2016, 1:42 pm
Updated Friday, 24th June 2016, 3:43 pm
Laura Howarth and Helen Finch who are going to work for Project ROAR

Two colleagues are roaring to go as they prepare to help endangered wild cats.Body Shop at Home consultant Laura Howarth and her manager Helen Finch have signed up to do Project ROAR, a community challenge to support endangered big cats worldwide and campaign to protect their survival. The pair will work with Big Cat Rescue, in Florida, which is one of the world’s largest sanctuaries in the world dedicated to abused and abandoned big cats.Laura, of Croston, said: “The Body Shop picks a different charity each year and Big Cat Rescue was selected. It is a sanctuary for tigers, lions, ligers and bob cats.“Project ROAR is a five-day opportunity in October where challengers will fund-raise to pay for their place and then spend five days on the ground at the sanctuary. “We will be working hands on in the sanctuary, as well as campaigning to change the laws.“It will also open your eyes to the plight of big cats across the world and the multitude of issues they face at the hands of man. This is your chance to help us change laws, change their habitat and change their future.“Scarily, there are more tigers as pets in the USA than there are in the wild now and if we don’t work to protect this glorious species, they will be wiped off tour planet forever.“We want to stop zoos which allow people to stroke tigers, as they are wild animals. It is cruel as they are beaten to be tame. There are also people who send the tigers to different breeders who chop them up.“The way these beautiful big cats are treated, and abused is devastating. They are slowly becoming extinct due to humans, due to arrogance and ignorance. They’re treated as nothing more than money makers and that’s just so sad. “I don’t want to sit back and do nothing until it’s too late.“I am looking forward to seeing what the sanctuary is like and getting involved. It is also a personal journey as it will change my outlook on life. It is also five days away from my three children, which will be tough.“It really is a worthy cause, and the more I’ve delved into the horrors surrounding big cats being kept as pets the more I am shocked.”The 29-year-old and Helen, of Adlington, are now hoping to raise £2,000 each to fund the trip.They will be organising events and offering pamper treatments as prizes for donations by Body Shop customers.Donators can text ‘roar47’ and their amount in £ to 70070 or visit

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Tigers in Big Cat Rescue
Tigers in Big Cat Rescue