Road left unfinished on Preston estate leads MP to hold public meeting

Anger: Residents are shocked at the state of the roads at Ashton Bank
Anger: Residents are shocked at the state of the roads at Ashton Bank
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A road, left unfinished on a Preston housing estate, has been branded “disgraceful” by a local MP.

After building was completed at Ashton Bank at Larches, ironworks were left exposed on the roads around the estate and, over a year later, are yet to be covered up.

Mark Hendrick, MP for Preston said: “ I have written to Marcus Worthington, the construction company behind the development, but am yet to get a decent response.

“It is very dangerous, there are a lot of young families on that estate and children could fall on the sharp edges and people are getting punctures from driving to and from their homes.”

So incensed by the feedback from his constituents, Mr Hendrick will hold a public meeting on Saturday July 19 at 11am in St Bernards Club, Elswick Road, Larches, alongside local councillors, David Borrow and Mark Yates.

Preston City Councillor for Larches, Mark Yates said: “It is the lack of infrastructure that is the problem.

“It was a very good development to begin with but not it has just been left with all of the ironworks exposed.

“We realise that won’t happen overnight but it just seems to be going on and on.”

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “The road was supposed to be done last year and there was supposed to be a park which didn’t materialise either.

“It’s shocking how they have left the roads and it’s a massive health and safety issue.”

Mr Henrick added: “Marcus Worthington have basically snubbed me and the residents and it is just appalling.

“Local councillors and myself are being contacted about this issue numerous times and it’s about time something happened.”