RISING STAR: Runshaw College pupil Molly races to top of class

Molly Harrell
Molly Harrell
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Molly Harrell is a star pupil – and has the title top prove it.

The 18-year-old Runshaw College scholar has been officially recognised as the country’s Holts ‘Rising Star’ for her outstanding performance at the Leyland college.

Molly was awarded the accolade for going that “extra mile” on the vehicle technology course.

Her college tutor, John Robinson, was so impressed with the hard work and determination she displayed during both the practical and theoretical modules of the course.

John said: “Molly is the perfect example of a truly outstanding student.”

He added: “She is an absolute joy to teach and her passion for cars is infectious.

“The fact that Molly was chosen to receive a Holts Rising Stars award really goes to show that hard work and an enthusiastic approach pays off.”

The inaugural Holts Rising Stars awards are intended to recognise and inspire the next generation of British automotive talent.

Four winners were chosen from 40 leading mechanic training colleges across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Claire Fenton from Holts, said:“We introduced the Holts Rising Stars awards to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of some of Britain’s most talented emerging mechanics. “

The brand manager added: “We are delighted that Molly was chosen as the English Rising Star, especially as she was one of two females to win the award - a sure sign that perceptions of the industry are changing.

Besides her award, Molly was presented with a starter mechanic toolkit as well as a custom designed Holts overall, and a goodie bag.