Rising costs could see Preston bin fee hike

Council leader Peter Rankin and deputy Robert Boswell
Council leader Peter Rankin and deputy Robert Boswell

City residents may have to pay extra for their green waste collections as council bosses consider a spending review.

Proposals that appear set for approval include brown bin collection fees increasing to £35 and the introduction of a £5 charge to issue lost collection permits.

The cost will remain at £30 if residents take advantage of an early sign-up scheme though, according to a town hall report.

The changes have been recommended for approval but elected members can opt to “call-in” the decision, which would see it subjected to a further level of scrutiny.

Coun Robert Boswell said residents are receiving excellent service.

The plan to increase the charge is due to rising running costs such as “staff salaries and vehicle costs.”

The report reads: “£30 is the current average rate payable across Lancashire and therefore residents have the option to pay no more than the average cost across the county if they choose to sign up early and receive a discount.”

A £30 collection charge for garden waste was introduced in 2016. If adopted, the proposals for 2018/19 will see the charge for Christmas tree collection remain at £5.

Coun Boswell, community and environment cabinet member, said: “The garden waste scheme is working well. We review all charges on an annual basis and are looking for the service to be cost neutral. We’re confident it’s an excellent service and provides good value for money.

“The vast majority of councils now charge for green waste collections.”