Right-wing group protests at hotel

The protest outside The Britannia Hotel
The protest outside The Britannia Hotel
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PROTESTERS from a right wing group demonstrated outside a hotel because it is putting up asylum-seekers.

A number of people, claiming to be part of an organisation called British Voice, assembled at the Britannia Hotel in Standish in Wigan.

Quite frankly, we don’t give a damn whether or not ‘the immigrant population’ is upset by English people flying our flag in our own country

Mike Whittle

When asked why they were there, the group – which flew the increasingly controversial US Confederate flag – claimed it was because “an act of genocide is being perpetrated against the British people.”

British Voice chairman Mike Whittle told the Evening Post: “Some of our Wigan members drew our attention to the fact that the Britannia Hotel is housing such illegal immigrants and so-called asylum seekers, at the British taxpayers’ expense.

“Those illegal immigrants have, no doubt, just been bussed from the Channel Tunnel and brought far away from the glare of publicity, to a country hotel in the heart of the North - presumably because the-powers-that-be regard us Northerners as being indolent and stupid.”

Workers at the Britannia called police who confirmed that no arrests were made in the two hours they were there.

Asked why the group flew the Confederate flag, which has links to white supremacy, Mr Whittle added: “A man joined us and reminded us that the same acts of genocide are being perpetrated upon the people of the USA, in particular, the people of Texas, who are now being told that they are no longer allowed to fly the flag of their State - just as many traitors now say it is in some way wrong for English people to fly the flag of St George.

“The usual excuse, which is often used by the British police, is: “You can’t fly that flag, as it may upset the immigrant population. Quite frankly, we don’t give a damn whether or not ‘the immigrant population’ is upset by English people flying our flag in our own country.”

One local resident who was passing by and spoke to the group said none of them spoke with a Wigan accent and that they were accusing the police of “protecting illegals.”

He said: “I asked the guy with the Confederate flag why he had that and he said he brings it as it gets more attention, union jacks are British pride, the Tricolor is Irish pride and the Confederate flag is white pride.

“He also had a shirt on with Aryan brotherhood style cross which said white pride.”

The fact that the Britannia houses asylum seekers has featured in several national newspapers this week. The hotel has declined to comment.