REVIEW: Trekkie treat for sci fi fans

North West sports editor Peter Storey and his family visited Star Trek: The Exhibition in Blackpool, seeking out strange new worlds in the pursuit of a day out among the stars...dah, dah, dah...

Tuesday, 13th September 2016, 4:56 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 4:38 pm
Star Trek exhibition in Blackpool

Stardate: Summer 2016. My mission, to boldly go and check out Lancashire’s newest addition to the galaxy of star-studded attractions, the Golden Mile’s very own Star Trek 50th anniversary exhibition paying tribute to sci-fi’s most enduring franchise. Set phasers to stun and buckle up for a journey through the TV and movie experience that will have Trekkies everywhere heading for the North West this summer and autumn.Everything you ever wanted to know about Star Trek is here, from the movie posters to original props, with stunning centrepieces of the transporter room and the iconic original TV series’ NCC-1701 bridge and the opportunity to sit in James T Kirk’s very own chair.There is plenty to keep the Star Trek enthusiast riveted from the word go and staff decked out in the original series’ uniforms ready to offer any background information you may care to enquire about.I went to the exhibition with my two children, one of whom is Star Trek mad, and both came away having been thrilled by the experience.There are blueprints of all versions of the USS Enterprise, a display of original costumes and props. You can even download an app in advance to allow you to beam down from the transporter on video, which the friendly and helpful staff will assist you with to keep a lasting memento of your visit.The final frontier, if you like, is a mock-up of the original series’ bridge, with a queue of would-be Checkovs, Sulus and Kirks waiting to fill the vacant seats for a commemorative picture which, again, the staff are happy to take for you.Indeed, there is a refreshing freedom about the whole experience. How often have you visited an attraction which prohibits the taking of photographs or video? No such problem here, in fact, you are actively encouraged to engage with the whole experience.There is even a souvenir shop at the end, although that was the only disappointment in truth. Memorabilia was a little limited and even a little expensive for my taste. But that didn’t detract from what was an out-of-this-world experience!

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Star Trek: The Exhibition runs until November 6. Prices start at £9 for children and £12.50 for adults when booked online (it’s £2 more in each case to pay on the door) and there are group discounts available.Visit: or ring 0844 844 0444 for full details.

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