Retro toys are a Christmas favourite

Christmas race: Retro toys the Cabbage Patch Kids are expected to do well at Christmas
Christmas race: Retro toys the Cabbage Patch Kids are expected to do well at Christmas
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Furbys and Moshi Monsters are among the top toys on Christmas lists in Lancashire.

Today the seasonal predictions were unveiled by the Toy Retailers Association at a Dream Toys event in London, and old favourites Lego, Twister and the Cabbage Patch Kids were also among the toys being tipped for the top this Christmas.

Popular: Furbys

Popular: Furbys

Emma Sunderland, manager of Toymaster’s, Preston; “Moshi Monsters are still very popular, as are Trash Packs with the boys and Furbys are going to be a big seller this Christmas.

“You’ll find at Christmas a lot of the classic boardgames such as Monopoly and Cluedo sell really well as they’re great value for money - not as expensive as some of the new games - and parents know how to play them.

It’s traditional at Christmas to get the board games out and enjoy something that all the family can take part in.”

A spokesman from Hampson’s Toys, Chorley said; “With the girls the La La Loops dolls with the button eyes are very popular and the boys are very into all the Mike the Knight items that we sell.

“Moshi Monsters are popular across the board and you’d be surprised to hear that old favourites, Sylvanian Families are popular with a new generation.

“We’ve already taken orders for Christmas for all of these toys.”

Alongside interactive electronic gadgets, the list features many classics of which parents will have fond childhood memories.

The Furby, the enormously popular Christmas trend from 1998, is an electronic owl-type creatures sold more than 40 million units in their first three years of production.

Now they have received a 21st century update, sporting expressive LCD eyes and the ability to adapt their personality in reaction to user behaviour. They even have their own iOS app.

The revival of more traditional toys was hailed by Miles Penhallow, of the Toy Retailers Association, as “nostalgia with a twist”.

Mr Penhallow was part of the selection panel which chose the top 13 toys of 2012.

He said: “We’re really proud this year to state that this was the most representative of the toy trade of any committee that’s ever sat round one table.

“We have representatives from large multiples to small independents and online retailers, so this was a really good and difficult selection process - hence we’ve ended up with a top 13 rather than a top 12.”