Residents vow to fight new wind turbine plan

Action: Protect Little Hoole will meet  MP Lorraine Fullbrook again in February
Action: Protect Little Hoole will meet MP Lorraine Fullbrook again in February
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Residents are braced for another battle against resubmitted plans for a wind farm in their village.

Farmer Harry Sutton and Passim Developers had proposals for a 110ft turbine on land at Wham Lane, Little Hoole, near Preston knocked back by South Ribble Council last year following hundreds of objections from residents.

They have now come back with a resubmitted scheme for four turbines of varying heights.

Mr Sutton says the project will provide renewable energy to provide power for his three farms, without the need for fossil fuels.

But residents’ group Protect Little Hoole say they remain unhappy with the idea of a wind farm in the location because they feel it is too near to homes, and they plan to object again.

Cathy Roper, spokesman for the group, said: “I can’t understand why when one turbine was rejected, he has put in for four.

“People are concerned about the impact of vibrations of the turbines.

“They are three different heights and they will be turning at different speeds. There will be a cumulative effect.

“Our group and individual members will be objecting.”

Mr Sutton previously withdrew another application for four turbines, before the single turbine proposal was then rejected by the planning committee.

He said he hoped the resubmitted scheme would address any concerns planning officers had.

He said: “We think hopefully the issues have been dealt with but you can’t be sure until it’s heard.

“It is to satisfy our electrical requirements for the next 25 years with renewable energy.

“Because we have got three different farms, it’s at three different locations.

“There is a lot of resistance which is disappointing. We can’t really understand it but everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

Meanwhile two other planning applications for turbines in South Ribble which were rejected by the planning committee have gone to appeal, which Mr Sutton says could impact on his resubmitted scheme.

South Ribble Council knocked back plans for a 50kw, 110ft turbine in Parker Lane in Whitestake last year and proposals for a 60ft turbine at Flag Lane in Penwortham last year.

Both will now be considered by government planning inspectors.