Residents upset at state of roads near development

Moxy Lane, Higher Bartle/Cottam
Moxy Lane, Higher Bartle/Cottam
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Residents have hit out at fast-moving traffic and muddy roads they claim are linked to a new housing development.

Husband and wife, Alan and Ellen Moon, who live in Higher Bartle, claim some HGV drivers have “no consideration” for local residents on country roads.

They believe the HGVs are serving a new housing project by developer Taylor Wimpey. The firm is in the process of building more than 300 houses on land between Hoyles Lane and Tabley Lane, meaning construction traffic goes through Cottam and Higher Bartle.
 Ellen said: “They appear to be using every road in the area and I have never experienced such blatant ignorance and disrespect for pedestrians and other road users.

“The roads they appear to be using are Tabley Lane, Sandy Lane, Hoyles Lane and Lightfoot Lane and they have been seen going through Woodplumpton Village and also on Blackleach Lane and Bartle Lane.

“Hoyles Lane has been closed due to the construction, meaning drivers are having to use Moxy Lane, which is just becoming a bog because it isn’t meant for such a large amount of traffic.”

Alan says residents feel “trapped in our homes”.

He said: “People are saying we should walk rather than drive but I took my life in my hands to do just that this morning and I would like you to see one of the roads I had to walk down to achieve this.

“The vehicles are going far too fast and are showing no consideration for the locals.”

A spokesman from Taylor Wimpey said: “We’re committed to taking on board all feedback from the communities in which we build, and have liaised with all contractors and staff regarding local recommended speed limits.”