Residents complain about anti-social travellers

Photo Neil Cross'The offensive posters in Moor Park, Preston
Photo Neil Cross'The offensive posters in Moor Park, Preston
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Erratic driving, littering and anti-social behaviour is just some of the behaviour police have had to deal with from travellers camped in Preston.

After admitting to receiving several calls about the group from local residents, Lancashire Police spoke to the families living in the 10 caravans on Moor Park asking when they would be “moving on”.

The officers then contacted Preston City Council, which owns the land, to see if an eviction notice had been issued following the travellers arriving on Thursday.

Police confirmed the anti-social behaviour is being looked into.

Peter Walmsley, 56, a resident from Blackpool Road was one of the complainants and said he’d seen a woman having abuse shouted at her.

“I’ve seen lots of dirty nappies, pillows and abandoned vehicles across the park,” he said. “They’re making it very intimidating for people to go in the park and there’s lots of bad behaviour including driving over the grass and the footpaths. Hopefully something will be done sooner rather than later.”

The LEP awaits a comment from the council on what will be the next step.