Reminders to be sent out about the new voting process

Coun Peter Wilson
Coun Peter Wilson
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People across Chorley are being urged to ensure they don’t lose their right to vote in future elections following changes to the way they need register to vote.

In previous years, one member of a household could register all those eligible to vote, but now people have to register individually.

Now Chorley Council is urging all those eligible, to ensure they are registered on the electoral roll so they keep their right to vote.

Coun Peter Wilson, deputy leader of Chorley Council, said: “We do a canvass of electors every year to ensure that people who are eligible to vote can do so because they are listed on the electoral roll.

“However, in the past it just needed someone in the household to fill in the form on behalf of the whole household. But this year the rules have changed, meaning everyone has to register individually.”

Most people already on the register, around 91per cent of the electorate, have been checked electronically and they will remain on the register. However, there will be others, around 7,000 of them across the borough, who will receive an ‘Invitation to Register’ form asking them to either return the completed form to the council, or giving a web address for them to apply.

In addition, the council will be sending out Household Enquiry Forms to empty properties and those households who did not reply to last year’s canvass.