Remember these 21 things you only had at Christmas in the 70's and 80's?

Remember getting up at 5am and having a whole selection box for breakfast?

Thursday, 20th December 2018, 4:23 pm
Updated Thursday, 20th December 2018, 4:28 pm

Well then, you'll remember this lot as well. Enjoy our gallery of little signs you knew it was Christmas in your house

Often perched by the side of the bed, these stockings were made of plastic netting and should never under any circumstances go anywhere near the fire
A sickly yellow Dutch drink made from eggs , sugar and Brandy, and with a slosh of lemonade produced the Snow Ball, before it was put away for another year

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Inexplicable confectionery, but the height of refinement
A bag of the stuff, with no monetary value whatsoever. Probably lasted for a few days while you polished off the selection boxes
Ah, the magical bumper tin of goodies, and a lot bigger than they are now. Someone would always chuck the empty wrappers in there too.
Launched in 1953, Babycham was a sparkling perry aimed specifically at women. But Champagne it most certainly wasn't
The just-about acceptable face of drinking for children. Do you risk biting it in half and running the gauntlet of that precious liquor dribbling down your chin?
Token fruit offering which came with a strange plastic skewer for that added sense of danger
If you could find where you put it last year, you could fish it out and place it next to a bowl of nuts
The Christmas editions, and you had to buy both, were vital for planning your future festive viewing, and you could get a pen and forecast clashes between Indiana Jones and Del Boy.
Like we weren't eating enough, but these didn't really count. Wafer thin knobbly sticks of chocolates for you to nibble on
The sweetie bowl in the lounge never looked so good, and never had so much sugar in it
Twiglets are a wheat-based snack with a distinctive knobbly shape similar to that of a small twig, hence the name. Bit of a Marmite taste
Pineapple, cheese and if you were lucky, small sausages on sticks, arranged agreeably into a semi dome shape, covered in tin foil. Hence, the hedgehog
Oh la la, look at us all continental. A small hollow case of puff pastry filled with something sloppy like over cooked mushrooms, and the lid plonked back on top
Not the Fry's sort from that TV advert, but the jelly sort, covered in dust that got right in your throat if you breathed in at the wrong moment
A little ball of Christmas, usually found languishing in the bottom of your stocking. For parents, it made a cheap space filler, for us it was the least inspiring gift
And glasses, and sometimes cutlery. Hell, there was even a posh tablecloth to put them all on. All washed-up and back in the drawing board for next year.
Yes, we know fruit juice is nothing new (or old), but it used to be the starter for your Christmas dinner, especially if you didn't like prawns. Yes, a dinner course!
Invented in 1962 by Rowntree, these minty delights we're only wheeled out after dark. It says so on the box
Well, if we can't go out to the pub because it's closed, we may as well bring the pub to us