Red scar explosion caused by pressurised container

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The mystery surrounding a loud bang heard by residents in the Red Scar area of Preston has been put down to a “run of the mill” explosion in an industrial steel machine.

Readers, including workers and bus passengers, tweeted and messaged the LEP after the loud noise was heard at 12.20pm on Tuesday, as rumours of dust in the air and a “sonic boom” circulated.

Fortunately, the noise had been caused when a pressurised container got into a steel fragmentation machine at the nearby Recycling Lives facility.

Operations Director Alistair Jackson said: “ We did have a small explosion that made a loud noise, but no one was injured and no emergency services were involved.

“We did speak to as may neighbouring properties as we could.

“It is a run of the mill issue - the machine involved is designed to contain any explosion, but because of its design it amplifies the noise.”

In 2007, drums of chemicals exploded at a premises on the Red Scar industrial estate in Ribbleton, causing sections of the M55 and the M6 to be closed as 66 firefighters tackled the flames.