Readers split on whether to leave or stay in the EU

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Lancashire Evening Post readers are split on the subject of whether the UK should leave the EU.

Reflecting most national polls, our readers are divided fairly evenly on the subject of whether Britain exiting the European Union would benefit the country.

Readers who took part in a Twitter poll online voted 43 per cent in favour of staying in, 40 per cent to leave, and 17 per cent were undecided.

The poll, which attracted 130 responses, adds to the debate ahead of the June 23 referendum.

That’s the day that UK voters will decide whether Britain stays in the European Union or goes it alone.

Some of the county’s top politicians previously told the Evening Post they were undecided this week about which way to vote.

But others were set to start campaigning. Morecambe MP David Morris spoke in the House of Commons on Monday and asked a question of Prime Minister David Cameron.

Mr Cameron has come out strongly in support of staying in a reformed Europe with major concessions for Britain.

Mr Morris said: “There is nobody in this House more Eurosceptic than myself, but I am standing at the side of the Prime Minister on this one, because the Prime Minister has always stood by me and my people in Morecambe.

“In my constituency, we have the port of Heysham, through which 10 per cent of our GDP passes, most of it from Northern Ireland. We also have two EDF nuclear power stations, which are sponsored by the French Government.

“I do not want jobs to be lost in my constituency, especially as its unemployment rate is the lowest it has been for generations. “